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Vulnerable professional footballers need financial help

Education and advice is key to stop footballers falling for scams

How ridiculous!

The latest edition of the FT Adviser magazine has included the above title for a recent podcast.

A leading adviser to the sports industry and senior manager from one of the most used financial institutions in the UK (I’m sure you’ve heard their radio advert) spend time talking about educating professional footballers about money. Now I don’t know the maths, however, I imagine that the number of professional footballers is a miniscule percentage when compared to many other sections of society. We should start to educate the younger generations at school about what they will face on their financial journey through life.

I’m also pretty sure, you can correct me if I’m wrong, the old and vulnerable are probably scammed far more often than professional footballers. The difference is, the old and vulnerable can’t afford it and they don’t have the help and support that most professional footballers have, there is no agent in the background looking out for them. They won’t get another £100k next week either.

I do agree with the sentiment though.

Let’s educate and help EVERYONE not just those with the most money.

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