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1.17 Billion Reasons to Protect Everyone, Not Just the super Rich

I recently wrote an article on how a podcast by 2 prominent financial planning companies were promoting the education of millionaire profession footballer to stop them falling foul (pardon the pun) of financial scams, which I for one find ridiculous. There are probably less than 10,000 professional footballers in the UK. There are millions of vulnerable people who need help.

So, following from the revelation that professional millionaire footballer need help, the financial magazines follow up with……

Quarter of HNWIs have been victims of financial fraud.

That’s HIGH NET WORTH INDIVIDUALS. Apparently 28% of them have been victims of financial fraud. Of these 28% only half are concerned about it?

Research by Arbuthnot Latham found 12% of HNWI had been targeted by fraudsters repeatedly and those aged 35 – 44 had the highest percentage of victims with 43% having experience fraud and 25% of this age group had experienced multiple times.(You may want to read my article about the Instagram 9)

It was also found that HNW men were more frequently victims compared to their female counterparts, with 30% reporting scams compared to only 25% of women.

Financial fraud cost its victims £1.17bn in 2023. Approximately £3.2mn being stolen from the UK public everyday last year.

You cannot tell me this only came from high net worth individual and professional footballer.

We need to do more to protect those members of society that are vulnerable, not just the rich list.

If you are concerned about yourself, a family member or a friend you can contact ACTION FRAUD on - 03001232040


If there is a crime being committed right now or if you are in danger, you should call the police on 999.

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