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Insurance and protection

TLD Wealth Management offers a wide variety of high-quality, fully customisable insurance packages and solutions for all of our clients’ insurance needs. Register your interest for a consultation today to learn what we can do for you. Every situation is unique so let us get to know yours and like thousands of others you'll be confident that we have arranged the perfect cover that is right for you.

Comprehensive Solutions

"I would recommend TLD to anyone looking for honest, friendly and practical advice. I got the best advice for my life insurance that was tailored to my needs. Nothing was too much bother and I could sit back, relax and know I was in good hands."

- Ms S. Kidwai,


Life Insurance

It is a common misconception that life insurance polices do not pay out, but in fact...

 98. 3%

of insurance claims in 2019 were paid out, a record high. 

- Association of British

Insurers, May 2020

Will it pay?

It is said, along with taxes, that the only other certainty in life is death. Life insurance offers peace of mind in a world ruled by change and uncertainty. Simply put, life insurance is a policy for which if you pass away, you are able to leave a financial lump sum to your loved ones. Alternatively, you could arrange for a regular income to be paid to your family. 

Policies are supported by monthly payments that ensure when you pass away, nominated individuals such as family members or other other dependants, receive a tax free payment. The amount of monies paid out will be according to a plan previously chosen and agreed to by the policy holder. There are a number of different policy types suited to all needs and insurance requirements. It is important that you choose a policy that is right for your individual circumstances. Speaking to an adviser will allow you to find your most suited plan, tailored to those circumstance and from the best possible provider.

If you have loved ones who depend on you, it’s important to think about taking out life insurance. It can give you the peace of mind of knowing they’ll be financially secure if the worst happens to you. If you and your partner both want to take out life insurance, you can choose to have two individual policies, or one joint policy.

Stockport Life Insurance
Critical Illness Cover

people in the U.K. will develop some form of cancer during their lifetime. 

-NHS England, 2021


If you are diagnosed with an illness that your policy covers, you’ll usually receive a tax-free, one-off payment. This will help to support the change to your life and ease the financial concerns that may come from it. It may be as simple as paying off your mortgage, covering any loss of earnings, or perhaps making necessary adjustments to your home. If you have dependants at home, the money from your policy will lighten the financial burden placed on your family. Our advisers can help you discern what cover will fit with your individual needs and at a price you are comfortable paying each month. Requesting a call back is the quickest way to get your journey started.​




We all understand what a critical illness is - something no one wishes for. But what is critical illness cover? It's an insurance policy that helps protect you if you become critically ill during the policy term. 


A helping hand for you and your loved ones...


Critical Illness Cover

Stockport Income Protection Broker

Income Protection

Income Protecton

What is income protection insurance?

Income protection refers to insurance policies that ensure you can maintain any financial obligations you have such as bills, mortgage payments or rent if you are forced to take an extended break from working. If you can’t work because you’ve contracted an illness or had an injury, income protection insurance pays you an agreed portion of your salary each month. Income protection is especially useful for people working in dangerous industries who want to be sure their financial commitments will always be covered. Income protection only covers events beyond your control.



of UK's self employed have income protection insurance

-LV, 2017

Stockport Income Protection Broker

Most income protection insurance policies are short-term: they pay out for a set period, usually up to one, two or five years, the choice is yours. Long-term income protection is available too, will provide a regular income for a longer, pre-agreed period until you are well enough to return to work. 

Speaking to one of our advisers about your individual circumstances will help determine exactly what form of cover will work best for you and your family. Requesting a call back today will start your journey to both peace of mind and security for you and your loved ones.


Mortgage Cover

Purchasing a home is likely to be one of the most important financial decisions you will ever make. It is for this reason that mortgage cover is an option worth considering. Mortgage payment protection insurance covers the cost of your mortgage each month should you lose your job or become unwell. Many policies will pay out for a maximum of a year but the pay-out amount depends on the type of mortgage protection cover you choose, and the best cover type for you depends on your personal situation. Speaking to an adviser at TLD will help determine exactly what sort of cover you need, and if mortgage protection is right for you.

Mortgage Cover

of combined household income each month, or 24% if you live in London. 

-Which, 2019


Mortgage repayments are one of the largest bills people face, taking around

Home Insurance

Landlords Insurance

Whether you’re renting out your old flat or a whole string of high-end properties, traditional home insurance is unlikely to provide the right cover to protect your investment. Instead, you need specialist landlord’s insurance. As well as protecting your buildings and contents against loss and damage, it can safeguard you against problem tenants and other unforeseen costs associated with being a landlord.

Besides being the biggest financial commitment you’re ever likely to make, your home is probably the place where you feel most comfortable, spend most of your time and store your most treasured possessions. So regardless of whether you rent, own or share your property, it needs to be well-protected. Taking out appropriate insurance is a way of safeguarding your home and your belongings against whatever life might throw at you. From minor mishaps like a burst pipe or broken window, to major upheavals like a house fire or burglary, the right cover makes sure you don’t end up in debt or severely out of pocket. Before you get bogged down in the details of different benefits, you need to be clear on what type of home insurance is right for you. And as a general rule, there are two types of cover:

  1. Buildings insurance is extremely important if you own your own property or have a mortgage. It covers the cost of structural damage to your home, including fixtures and fittings such as walls, floors, pipework and electrics, and also includes any fitted kitchens or bathrooms.

  2. Contents insurance covers personal belongings within your home - from furniture, toys and sports equipment to clothes, jewellery and TVs. Generally speaking, if you imagine turning your home upside down, your contents insurance would cover everything that falls out.


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